Energeticcity.ca Weekly Review: Disc Golf Tournament

In this edition of the Weekly Review, we share some photos from the disc golf tournament we sponsored. Plus, our top stories of the week.
Cover photo for the Weekly Review
Top stories for July 23-29, 2023

Welcome to the next installment of Weekly Review, the series where we mention what’s going on behind the scenes and showcase the previous week’s top stories.

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Behind the Scenes

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the Bob Slater Memorial Golf Tournament! Thanks to the FSJ Disc Sports Club for having us and thanks to everyone who showed up to play! There was even a plaque ceremony for the late Bob Slater who helped grow the sport in Fort St John.

It was a lot of fun and I encourage anyone to give the sport a chance as it’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise no matter your skill level. And for those who have gone through the course a couple of times, the club has been adding new holes for you to check out.

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Top Stories of the Week

It’s always interesting to see what the readers of Energeticcity.ca are most interested in the region. Sometimes it’s a big decision that will impact property taxes, and sometimes it’s a new restaurant coming to town. Here are the top stories for the week of July 23 to 29, 2023:

  1. Wild Rose Carnival: was in Fort St John this weekend. There were some concerns about safety a couple of months ago but the group says they took precautions before heading to the Energetic City.
  2. Suspicious Car Fire: had the Fort St John RCMP asking for the public’s assistance. The local RCMP received a report that a red, four-door 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix was on fire on Highway 29 North in Bear Flats on June 1st, 2023.
  3. Local Workshop Broken Into: allegedly at least three times over the past few months, resulting in around $50,000 in losses.

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