HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — Mayor Dave Heiberg was elected by acclamation by the District of Hudson’s Hope on Thursday after mayoral hopeful Reg Knox withdrew from the race.

“I’m willing to put another four years in to support our community and carry some of these projects forward that we’ve been working on. I’m looking forward to working with another council,” Heiberg said.

Knox reportedly stepped away from his candidacy for recent health concerns. His decision to do so, after the withdrawal deadline, required special permission from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Heiberg, though he and his wife had thought about “throttling back and taking some time off” after this term, is still frustrated with circumstances the small town has faced over the past few months.

The water treatment plant, which has been struggling—and, ultimately, failing—to provide the town with potable drinking water for months, is top of his list.

“I was really concerned about trying to get that project through and seeing through,” he said.

It has been one hurdle after another for the district: COVID-19, highway realignments, the struggling water treatment system, and the wildfire that evacuated the town last week have all besieged the community.

Heiberg thanked everyone who worked hard to protect the town from the blaze that got too close for comfort this autumn.

In his next term, Heiberg said he is hoping for “a little breathing room.”

“We are looking for calmer times, just normal times,” he said.

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Grace Giesbrecht

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