Potable water a month away for Hudson’s Hope

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — The District of Hudson’s Hope has updated the timeline for long and short-term fixes for the Hudson’s Hope water treatment plant.

Replacement plastic media parts for the aeration filter have been ordered and are expected this Thursday.

When the parts arrive, the contractor will start working on the aerator and pre-filter systems. This work is expected to begin on Saturday and will take a week to finish.

After these fixes are made, the plant will start up again, and water testing, as required by Northern Health’s standards, will take place.

Once the system is operating again, district staff members expect flushing the system to take a month. This flushing is required to achieve potable water standards.

Though moving forward with the repairs, the district notes that fixing the floundering plant remains a short-term solution.

“It is very clear that the community does not accept the quality of the water, even when the water treatment plant becomes operational,” Mayor Dave Heiberg said in a statement.

A meeting has been set up between the mayor, public works staff, and senior BC Hydro management for September 9th. Sustainable, permanent solutions to the district’s drinking water needs, Heiberg says, will be discussed at that time.

The Hudson’s Hope water treatment plant was first put under a boil water advisory on July 21st. The advisory was upgraded to a do not consume order on August 9th.

The water treatment system pumps from an underground aquifer. The switch from the previous system (using water from the nearby Peace river) was made after BC Hydro’s Site C dam construction raised concerns about access and water quality.

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