After a public meeting Monday night, they have now been rezoned to R1 – Single Detached lot, which allows for a 15 metre frontage and 550 square metre property.

It was not an issue at the time as the R1A zone only had minimum parcel requirements, but a revision of the Zoning Bylaw in 2012 added a maximum building footprint to ensure small, affordable lots. Most of the lots already have homes built on them, but vacant lots, or the reconstruction of homes, could have faced issues.

Last night’s public meeting also cleared up confusion about what lots were subject to the rezoning. Director of Legislative and Administrative Services Janet Prestley explains that due to the number of properties affected, the City placed a sign advertising the rezoning application and public meeting in the Panorama Ridge Park on 114 Avenue. However, it was mistaken by some residents as being for the rezoning of the park itself.

“In hindsight there should have been an additional clarification regarding the actual lot. Even though we did provide individual notification to the affected property owners, there was some confusion about what was actually being rezoned,” she says. “So for ease of convenience we placed it in the park, but then there was confusion that we were going to change the park as a neutral lot.”

There were no noted objections to the rezoning.