BC Hydro evacuates employees following earthquake

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Following Tuesday’s earthquake in Alberta, BC Hydro enacted its safety response procedures at Site C, including temporary evacuation of workers.

Bob Gammer, manager of Site C community relations, said the evacuation was temporary and only included some work areas.

No employees or contractors were injured on the project, according to Gammer, and work activities resumed Wednesday morning.

Following a visual inspection of the dam site and a review of the instrumentation, BC Hydro also confirmed there were no impacts to any of the project structures or equipment on site.

“It’s worth adding that Site C is being built and maintained in accordance with international and Canadian safety practices to withstand a major (one in 10,000 years) earthquake,” Gammer said.

He said the project design considers the full range of earthquake magnitudes possible in the Peace River region.

Finally, Gammer added that a safety feature of Site C includes a concrete buttress under the dam, generating station, spillways and ancillary structures to improve stability and seismic protection.

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