New Podcast: Secrets of the North

At one of our goals is to be the voice of the Peace. This is why we have started producing podcasts to help expand the reach of these voices.

Voices of the Peace is a podcast that shares the stories of local leaders and how they have helped develop this region. Before the Peace is a podcast that provides a platform for Indigenous peoples in the area to share their stories. We are excited to announce a new podcast: Secrets of the North.

Secrets of the North is a podcast focusing on true crimes in Northern British Columbia. Through multiple brief episodes, listeners will learn about cases with the hopes of shedding light on marginalized victims and generating leads for unsolved crimes by telling the stories of those who had their voices stolen from them. 

Your hosts for this podcast are Emily Gallen and Spencer Hall.

According to Gallen, “I’ve been hooked on true crime since my first criminology class in college. I am fascinated by human behaviour and became a behaviour consultant because of it. My dream would be to work in the criminal justice field to analyze and create behaviour programs for those on probation or incarcerated. My favourite true crime podcasts are the ones that have uncovered new tips and leads that have helped investigators solve the crime.”

“My hope is that by starting this podcast, we’re able to bring awareness to these cases to keep the conversation going and potentially generate new leads,” Hall elaborates. “Not many podcasts specifically focus on crime in Northern BC. We look forward to sharing these stories with you because they deserve to be told. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and will crack a few jokes, but never at the expense of the victims or their loved ones.”

The first episode will be released on September 20, 2022. You can follow Secrets of the North wherever you get your podcasts today so that you don’t miss an episode and check out the trailer.

You can follow Secrets of the North on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos and more. Check out the website for the podcast here to find out more about the hosts and to see related stories.

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