Over one month left to golf

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A pair of golf courses near Fort St. John are wrapping up successful seasons in just over a month.

Larry Ramstad, the head golf professional at Lone Wolf Golf Club, says the season has been “wonderful” in terms of the weather despite a late start.

With season-ending events around the corner, Ramstad says, so far, every event has ran smoothly.

“A lot of season-ending events: men’s night wind-up, ladies’ night wind-up, our league wind-up, that’ll be next weekend,” he said.

“This coming weekend is our club championship.”

Ramstad says the club championship will crown champions in all categories, including juniors and seniors.

The event is expected to have around 60 participants, and Ramstad believes there will be even more people attending league night on September 10th.

A cross-country event is taking place on September 17th at Lone Wolf. The course will be altered and closed to the public.

The last day for their season will be Thanksgiving Monday.

“Even if the weather is good, we still stick to that date,” said Ramstad.

The closure date will give maintenance crews a couple of weeks to prepare the course properly before winter.

The maintenance work includes applying pesticides and fertilizers to the grass to help prevent winter damage. The sprinkler lines also have to be cleared out, so there’s no damage come spring.

The club will also be able to complete any other projects required, such as bunker renovations.

“They can get those things done in the fall as well and not worry about the safety of others or machinery out in the golf course,” Ramstad explained.

Finally, once the course is closed, Ramstad and members of the management group will head to Calgary for a buying show to order clothing, shoes, and club orders for the next season.

“All of the vendors for the golf course are situated at the conference, and we do all our orders for the spring,” he explained.

About 20 minutes north of Taylor, the Lakepoint Golf & Country Club is also wrapping up a busy season over the next month.

Like Ramstad, Lakepoint general manager, Troy Knight, was thankful for the weather this season.

Knight says he has also seen a number of new golfers, who started when COVID-19 restrictions shut down several recreational activities, continue to come back the following seasons.

Before the end of the season, Knight says a few more tournaments are coming up, including a CDC charity event, a club championship, one final couple’s night, and a commercial league wind-up.

“We still have half a dozen or more events scheduled for the next month or so,” he said.

The official end of the season for Lakepoint is Thanksgiving weekend, with the last day being October 10th.

“We bought a green protection system a couple of years ago as well, which we have to get down before it snows,” he explained.

Knight would like to thank his staff and volunteers for helping make this year a successful season.

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