DOIG RIVER, B.C. — Doig River First Nation says its newly achieved certificate from the First Nations Financial Management Board (FMB) is a “significant accomplishment” for the community.

In a joint release on Friday, it was revealed that the first nation had received a Financial Management System (FMS) Certificate.

This means their financial and administrative governance practices now meet FMB standards based on internationally recognized standards of financial records.

The FMB says the nation has worked hard to build systems for transparent and fair management of lands, resources and business opportunities by using policies to support decision-making that balances traditional values and the modern economy.

One of Doig River’s goals, according to the release, is to become economically and financially self-sufficient by reducing financial dependence on social transfers from federal and provincial governments.

Achieving this goal reportedly supports the first nation in making better community-specific decisions across various topics.

Doig River has begun the financial and strategic planning initiatives through the FNFMB system certification process.

In June, the Doig River First Nation and the Blueberry River First Nation signed a Treaty Land Entitlement with Canada and BC.

Additionally, Doig River is working towards a new urban reserve in Fort St. John.

“DRFN is now well positioned to implement the community’s vision of building an urban reserve, protecting and restoring their lands and resources and building businesses that reflect the values and culture of the community,” Doig River council said in a release.

“We look forward to maintaining and building on these systems as we move towards wealth creation and building a strong and sustainable future for our membership.”

In 2017, Doig River was awarded the Award of Excellence for First Nation leadership and administration.

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