FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The B.C. Liberals want Conservative Party leader Trevor Bolin to explain a WorkSafe B.C. file that accused him of taking a “discriminatory action” against a former employee.

In the 2018 decision, the WorkSafe BC investigator accepted the employee complaint and found Bolin took a discriminatory action against the employee. “I find the employer took prohibited discriminatory action under the Act in terminating the worker on January 31, 2018”, said Abudi Awaysheh of WorkSafe B.C.

In a press release, which included the WorkSafeBC decision, the B.C. Liberal Party said, “Bolin needs to publicly address why he minimized the sexual harassment and then punished the female employee.”

The employee alleged she was sexually harassed and then reported the matter to her employer in January of 2018. The employee was terminated on January 31 of that same year.

The employee told WorkSafeBC that a supervisor said that he wanted to have sex with her. The employee also said the supervisor had previously told her that he was willing to pay to have sex with her.

The employee asked management to move the supervisor to another shift; instead, management offered the employee another shift.

In a statement Saturday, Conservative party leader Trevor Bolin said the employee was dismissed for yelling at her General Manager. Bolin went onto say, “the policies and procedures that are in place at that store, and indeed all stores that I own and operate, are as good or exceed, WCB regulations. However, I will not allow mistreatment from one staff member to another.”

Bolin says, looking back, he would have done things differently. “Still, I have asked myself if I would do things differently today? Yes, because I have since realized that her lashing out was a sign for me to find out the root issues, and work with her to overcome them. I will continue to ensure the store’s policies and worker safety is paramount.”

See the full decision below as well as the full statement from Trevor Bolin.

Response from Trevor Bolin