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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With the recent closure of a recycling centre and the refusal of the City’s blue cart recycling program, recycling is on people’s minds.

The City is wanting to remind homeowners who participate in the blue cart recycling program the difference between what goes in the blue carts as recyclables and what is garbage and goes in the grey cart.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019, City staff reported to their FB Page that the recycling was so bad that it was refused at the depot and had to go straight to the landfill, from the picture accompanying the post it was obvious that one blue cart was contaminated with dog feces.

Contamination of blue carts with things such as grass, diapers, bags of garbage, needles, make it unsafe for recycling to be processed and then becomes garbage. Contamination is also considered items that might be thought of as recyclable and they are not.

City staff urge residents to view the following material to know what is acceptable in the blue cart program.

Or you can download the City of Fort St. John’s App or CLICK HERE

As for people living in Fort St. John that do not have curbside pick up such as residents of apartment buildings, Recycle-It Resource Recovery located at 10095 85th Ave is able to accept household recycling.

The big picture of recycling is overseen by the Peace River Regional District with their pRRRdy Bird waste education mascot and program. With an interactive website, it is a tool to help residents and businesses learn the steps they can take to help reduce waste.

To read more about pRRRdy, CLICK HERE







Karen Mason-Bennett, Executive Director of NEAT shares,


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