VICTORIA B.C. – B.C. Minister of Labour Harry Bains introduced the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act to protect the people that come to work in B.C. from other parts of the world.

The province depends on workers to fill positions in agriculture, forestry and hospitality sectors as their presence in the workforce helps our province to have a stronger workforce and economy.

Temporary foreign workers that are coming to B.C. from different areas of the world want to be confident that their rights are protected, and there are measures in place to prevent exploitation by abusive employers.

Under the legislation, the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act states recruiters of foreign workers must be licenced and registered with the province and if not will face significant penalties and possible jail time.

The Protection Act will help keep employers and recruiters accountable in their practices and how they treat their employees as a problem that has been reported by foreign worker advocacy groups is that people they serve experience some form of exploitation.

The Government is taking steps to protect these people by eliminating the opportunity for unfair treatment.

The registry will be a free service and easy to use.