BAYTREE, A.B. – The Spirit River RCMP have just released information about suspected H2S release near Baytree Alberta.

According to the RCMP, shortly after 1:30 p.m. on March 9, fire, police and EMS as well as industry safety personnel responded and soon determined that the release was a singular event and did not present an ongoing safety or health concern.

The monitoring equipment on site did not register H2S levels in excess of 10 parts per million and ongoing air quality monitoring is not detecting any H2S present in the air at this time.

Police and Fire dispatchers have been fielding a high volume of calls from concerned citizens in both Alberta and B.C. asking if they need to take precautions or be evacuated.

The RCMP say at this time, there is no ongoing release and there is no risk to public safety. If the situation were to change, affected residents would be contacted directly as per industry Emergency Response Plans that are currently in place.

Baytree, AB is located approximately 70km west of Spirit River, Alberta and 5km east of the British Columbia border on Highway 49.