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The local area airport recorded what could have been a crop saving, money in the bank, near record rainfall yesterday.

It totalled 24.6 millimeters and it narrowly missed the 1948, July 6th record of 26.2. It also left the total for the past two weeks, at 63.6 millimeters…and that’s about two and half inches.

So while it came a little later than what local area farmers and ranchers would have liked, it should put to an end fears of another dought year.

In addition, we have some numbers now for the South Peace…and as forecast, they’re even better than the local ones.

As of eight o’clock Tuesday morning, the two-day totals in Dawson Creek and Chetwynd, were 39.2 and 41.9 millimeters respectively.

Unofficially, the biggest dump in the region was at Tumbler Ridge, where a nine o’clock reading this morning, had the two-day total at 69 millimeters.

That included 19.2, or more than three-quarters of an inch, that fell in one hour.

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