Summer Events: Scenic Places, Rodeos, Mountain Racing, and More

In this edition, we share some scenic places for your next photo shoot. Plus, a list of events happening for August 11-13, 2023.
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It’s summertime and in the age of social media that means many people are looking for the next scenic place for a quick photo op. Whether you’re looking for a place to snap some cool selfies or a gorgeous field for family photos to set on the mantel, there are loads of locations near Fort St John for every vibe. Some of these places are natural wonders and others are created spots so make sure to check them out!

Willms Sunflower Festival

First up is the Willms Sunflower Field! The lovely Willms family has, for the past four years now, planted five acres of huge sunflowers; there is an admission cost and it’s worth it as this is the perfect place to get pictures taken. They have opportunities for pictures with arches, an old truck, or just in the sunflowers. They are open Thursday through Sunday, weather permitting of course. While you’re out there they also have a mini golf course set up for your entertainment. This sunflower field will be open to the public until August 20th to ensure the flowers are in full bloom and in good condition for your pictures!

Peace River Views in Taylor

For a view of the Peace River, there are many areas around the District of Taylor. From up top the lookout located behind the hockey rink is a gorgeous place to go. All you have to do is drive past the Taylor Speedway until you see the cinder blocks, park on the side of the road there, and walk the short distance to see a picturesque view of the Peace River. If you would like a view level with the river, I would suggest crossing the Taylor Bridge over to Peace Island Park and walking down the river bank. The flats can be amazing for weddings, grad, or family pictures.

Fish Creek Community Forest

Lastly is the Fish Creek Community Forest, which is often overlooked but the trails are absolutely majestic. Make sure to bring either bug spray or mosquito coils as the bugs can be decently thick in this area. Paved trails make navigating in fancy clothes clean and easy. There are many little nooks that are very pretty for your next formal photo shoot or Instagram post.

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Events Happening August 11-13, 2023

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