FORT ST. JOHN, BC- The new “Multiformity” exhibit opens at Peace Gallery North this week, featuring a collection of five local artists.

According to Peace Gallery North curator, Jacqueline Benedetto, some of the artists have never shown their work in an exhibit before. 

“It’s very exciting to be able to provide this platform to newer artists for the first time,” said Benedetto. 

A variety of mediums have been used to create the pieces on display, which express each artist’s individuality in their own unique way. 

Prolific artist Samantha Wigglesworth uses mixed media in her paintings, with beaded and embroidered elements. 

Artist Samantha Wigglesworth will debut her first self-portrait in Multiformity. ( Jordan Prentice, )

Wigglesworth, who usually finds inspiration in images of others, is looking forward to showing her first self-portrait. 

“The self-portrait is a representation of my mental health and my anxiety,” said Wigglesworth.

 “The eyeballs in the background are a representation of the anxiety. The glowing orb around me is self-care. Whether that’s therapy, medication, or listening to music, all those little things add up to make the anxiety less intense.”

Artist Martin Carrillo draws inspiration for his “apparel of the apocalypse” from post-apocalyptic, dystopian films. 

Artist Martin Carrillo draws his inspiration from post-apocalyptic, dystopian films. ( Jordan Prentice, )

Carrillo prefers not to dissect his art. 

“I think my art speaks for itself. If it could inspire someone, that’d be awesome,” said Carrillo.

“If it provokes creativity, that’s all I ask. That’s the only message I would like to bring.”

Carrillo said it took him a decade of accumulating patches and other materials to create his custom vest displayed in the exhibit. 

“The only thing that makes me happy is making sure I can represent myself with my fashion,” said Carrillo. 

“It means a lot to me to look like an anti-consumer.”

According to Benedetto, “Multiformity” will be different from past exhibits.

“Some of the pieces might be a little more challenging for some people or something that they’re not quite used to seeing,” said Benedetto. 

 “I think that’s a nice invitation to broaden our horizons and create a little more space for what art in this town can be.”

On opening night, the gallery will host a reception from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., with no admission fee and complimentary beverages. 

“Multiformity” will be on display at the North Peace Art Gallery from September 16th to October 1st. 

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