FORT ST. JOHN, BC – Nenan Dane zaa Deh Zona Family Services Society held their first-ever meet and greet fundraiser on Thursday, allowing Fort St. John community members to learn what kind of programs and services are being offered. 

According to executive director Adrienne Greyeyes, Nenan offers a wide variety of programs and assistance for Indigenous youth and families.

“Sometimes it’s figuring out what resources people can access if food security is an issue or housings an issue or employment, in addition to offering opportunities for learning cultural knowledge,” said Greyeyes.

The meet and greet fundraiser offered freshly made bannock and bannock tacos for sale, with all proceeds going towards Nenan programs.

Greyeyes said events like this are important because they support the idea of community. 

“It helps us connect with who is around us,” said Greyeyes. “I find that when our communities have stronger connections, we feel more responsibility towards each other, as well as the responsibility to making our community a positive place.”

Greyeyes also said Nenan plans to host more events like the meet and greet in the future.

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