PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — A small wildfire that sparked near Osborn on Tuesday is being monitored, according to the Prince George Fire Centre.

The wildfire suspected to be sparked by lightning near Osborn is .1 of a hectare and is being monitored currently.

The wildfire near Wonowon is one hectare but is now being held.

Folded Hill Creek wildfire is still out of control but is also being monitored.

Hasler Flats is still sitting at 150 hectares and being attended by crews.

The small cluster north of Hasler Flats still has two suspected lightning-caused fires listed as out of control, one is very small at 0.01 hectares, and the other is up to five hectares now.

The cluster of wildfires south of Hasler Flats are all still out of control, and all but one remain under one hectare. The remaining one is suspected to be person caused and is two hectares.

The Trapper Creek wildfire, suspected to be person caused, is now under control and 2.59 hectares in size.

In the Prince George Fire Centre, there are 35 active wildfires. Provincially, there are 234 active wildfires and 1,154 so far this year.

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