FORT ST. JOHN, BC – The Northern Lights Raceway hosted its Done-Rite Daylighting Nationals last weekend, marking its first race of 2022. 

The raceway usually hosts four races a year, but this year, it faced some delays due to COVID-19. 

Northern Lights Raceway President, TJ Dohm, said the event went smoothly after a few minor mishaps.

“Saturday, we had a couple of glitches to work out and a little bit of rain in the morning, but it actually went really well,” said Dohm. “Sunday, we had one minor hiccup, and the day went flawless. It blew my expectations of the race weekend out of the water. Everyone was top notch.”

Dohm said the heroes of the weekend were a group of 10 participants from the town of Beaverlodge, Alta. According to Dohm, the group was able to aid in the repair of the raceway’s equipment and computer system. 

“They were the lifesavers,” said Dohm. “If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to run this race.”

The event had 120 spectators, a significantly higher number than usual, said Dohm.

Fort St. John drivers Mikayla Fedderly, Ken Soderquist, and Bruce Romak had first-place showings in their classes. 

See the overall standings below:

Box class:

  • Saturday: M. Fedderly, 6.373 seconds, 109.30 miles per hour
  • Sunday: M. Fedderly, 3.306, 109.75

No Box class:

  • Saturday: A. Closkey, 6.556, 96.41
  • Sunday: K. Soderquist, 7.459, 75.83
  • Saturday: A. Closkey, 6.556, 96.41
  • Sunday: K. Soderquist, 7.459, 75.83

Motorcycles & Sleds class:

  • Saturday: B. Romak, 8.265, 85.07
  • Sunday: No event

Pure Street class:

  • Saturday: B. Kowalski, 9.067, 74.34
  • Sunday: B. Romak, 7.975, 84.95

Junior class:

  • Saturday: E. Power, 8.024, 75.66
  • Sunday: B. Iles, 12.205, 53.07

The Northern Lights Raceway will be holding a car show on August 14th, including a “slot meet” for attendees to bring car parts to trade and sell. 

Dohm encourages Fort St. John community members to check out the event and says all ages are welcome.

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