Site C hits record employment in June.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – There were 5,209 workers in total on the Site C Project in June, 2022— a record high for the site over its history, according to Greg Alexis, spokesperson for Site C.

Of these workers, 67 per cent or 3,507 were from B.C. and 951 workers from the Peace River Regional District. 

The amount of workers employed on the project—like any other major construction project—varies from month to month and reflects the seasonal nature of the industry.

Last year, the amount of workers employed peaked in midsummer at 5,108 workers.

This year’s amount of workers surpassed that peak in June.

The number of apprentices on the project grew from 162 in May to 167 in June 2022.

While BC Hydro specifies how many workers are local and from within the province, they also note that some project components require companies with expertise in specific areas. 33 international workers held different positions in construction and specialized positions in June.

There were 407 Indigenous people working for Site C in June, up from 381 in May. On-site construction and non-construction contractors are contractually obligated to report on Indigenous inclusion. Workers voluntarily self-declare their status to their employer.

There were 551 women working for different project contractors last month, up from 381 in May. Contractors are also obligated to report how many women work on the company’s contribution to the project.

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