HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Hudson’s Hope would like in on the purchase of new share sheds for the Bessborough landfill, Chetwynd landfill, and the Dawson Creek transfer station, as proposed by the Peace River Regional District at its July 14th board meeting.

A $101,940 contract for the new sheds was set to be approved before Hudson’s Hope Mayor Dave Heiberg pointed out that his community could also benefit from a new shed. The existing share shed in the town is aging and exposed to the elements.

“Hudson’s Hope does have a share shed, and it’s heavily used. It’s not that large and it could be better protected against the elements a little better,” said Heiberg. “So, when I read through this, I was just considering that these locations are getting new share sheds, it’d be nice to make the fleet complete.”

The board expressed no issue with including Hudson’s Hope and agreed to send the recommendation to their solid waste committee for further discussion and revision of the purchase.

Each shed measures 12 feet by 24 feet in size and give residents an opportunity to recycle unwanted items.

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Tom Summer, Alaska Highway News

Tom Summer is a Peace Region journalist and has been covering the courts and more in the pages of the Alaska Highway News and Dawson Creek Mirror since 2016. Born and raised in Hudson's Hope, he's also one of the first reporters to take part in the Local Journalism Initiative, delivering news to communities in Northeast BC. Funding is available to eligible Canadian media organizations to hire journalists or pay freelance journalists to produce civic journalism for The content produced...