FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Triumph boxers came home with some hardware following a successful showing in Grande Prairie last weekend.

Tosha Mytron, the owner of Triumph, helped organize the combat sports event hosted by BPM Fitness at the Tara Centre in Evergreen Park on June 11th. The event included boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Mytron joined forces with the Grande Prairie-based gym to host the event in Alberta due to health restrictions in place in B.C. once planning began. However, the next Triumph fight card will be in Fort St. John, said Mytron.

The local gym had four boxers compete, with three of the fighters winning by unanimous decision.

“We just had a fantastic night,” she explained. “It just was a really great showing. All the fights were super exciting.”

Triumph’s Steven LaFleur had the club’s only loss by split decision in the first fight of the night.

“It was close, but it was probably the bloodiest fight on the entire card,” she said, “It was so exciting.”

As for Logan Hernandez’s win, Mytron called it a “beautiful performance” as her fighter executed the game plan “perfectly.”

The gym dominated the main events after wins from Jacob Pinheiro and Brandon Allemeersch.

“Fantastic, unanimous decision for Jacob. He won the trophy for that,” Mytron said.

“Brandon and his opponent fought before, and the other guy beat him. So Brandon won this time. They’re one for one. It was a pretty exciting fight,” Mytron explained.

Mytron says she’s “extremely proud of the boys” after all their hard work.

“As a coach, like extremely proud of everything everyone did. The work was great. The promoter was very happy, and the event went off great,” she explained.

“I’ve had nothing but compliments coming in ever since then, from the city and all the teams that came down. It was a really fantastic event.”

In the middle of planning the show, Triumph had to move to a new location in the Energetic City.

The new gym is located at 10308 94th Avenue.

Shailynn Foster

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