TAYLOR, B.C. – In a council meeting on May 2nd, the District of Taylor Council decided to push back the pool opening until 2023 due to staff shortages.

Council says the Taylor Seasonal Pool was budgeted to open this year for the first time since 2019; however, they couldn’t secure the proper staff.

They attempted a six-week recruitment campaign and had conversations with neighbouring local governments but couldn’t find the skilled labourers needed to operate the pool.

The set-up was planned to start on May 3rd, following job postings, including instructors and lifeguards opening in March and closing halfway through April.

They say that the postings did not receive enough interest.

Staff recommended that the District defer the operations for this year and instead investigate partnerships, recruitment and training programs to secure the needed labour for the 2023 season.

Due to the pandemic, Staff says there is a Provincial shortage of lifeguards and swim instructors that have caused closures and reduced operations.

They have investigated the possibility of entering a partnership with an outside group, but also, due to staff shortages, no other groups have the capacity.

They say that the staff allocated to build and maintain the pool can be reallocated to other projects, including Peace Island park and the tree farm project.

The District originally budgeted $143,200 for the operating expenses of the pool, with an offset of $6,000 in revenue for a $137,200 subsidy.

$36,400 is wage allocation for permanent full-time employees for the District, and these wages would be incurred either way but allocated to different areas now.

The last $100,800 will be reduced to $3,000 if the pool isn’t built, with the remaining $97,800 being moved to reserves.

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Shailynn Foster

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