FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – School District 60 is looking for public feedback on its 2022-2023 annual budget.

According to the school district, this input will help the board decide their priorities in many areas, including new programs that could be implemented or which old programs are popular and suggestions for staff and maintenance.

The district would like input on education, operations, human resources and governance.

Stephen Petrucci, the superintendent of School District 60, says that the increase in students will lead to a slight increase in the budget but that this increase is “relatively status quo.”

He adds that some grants received during the COVID-19 pandemic have now gone away, saying, “that will be something we need to really pay attention to, especially when it comes to things like the amount of sick time that is taken.”

The district has planned for an increase of 50 students in the fall, which Petrucci says will result in a slight increase in block funding.

“We have added a couple more divisions to the district for more teachers for the coming year. But having said that, it’s relatively status quo in the sense that 50 is an increase, but there’s not a huge shift in our current allocations of resources and structures,” said Petrucci.

For more information and to take the survey, click here.

Shailynn Foster

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