The Media Evolution Project is moving into the next phase of its engagement with the local audience with the launch of an in-depth survey, open until April 21st, followed by a series of focus groups from interested participants. 

The survey is delving into finding out from the local audience what their needs are and what their challenges are with the current local media.  Topics include:

This is an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on how local media can serve the needs of the local audience and build a healthy, reciprocal relationship.  For those interested, at the end of the survey, there is an opportunity to participate in a focus group with the opportunity to talk through the challenges.  

As an incentive for providing your valuable feedback, all survey respondents will be entered to win 1 of 3 tablets, drawn in early May.

The goal of this project is to know and understand the local audience to become a better curator of local news, through thoughtfully and strategically connected stories that the community might find valuable, that will resonate with them, and that will have a meaningful impact on them.  Moorsaic Strategic Services, on behalf of and Moose FM, is exploring how to serve the community better with news and stories that are relevant and to understand better how to increase reader trust and engagement.

“We know that society constantly changing in our needs and views.  Gaining insight for challenges and suggested improvements is key to ensuring that local media can deliver on the commitment to serve the community,’ says Jennifer Moore, owner of Moorsaic Strategic Services. “The findings of this project will help shape the future of what news is delivered and how it is delivered to the local audience.”

Weekly polls will continue until late April for snapshot questions and can be found on social media channels. 

The Media Evolution: Striving to Serve project will drive digital innovation, assist the publisher to better understand their communities, develop new business models, and share learnings with the wider industry.

For information or on how to get involved in the Media Evolution: Striving to Serve project contact or visit the website to learn more at