This week a series of questions about access to relevant stories, trust, and understanding were asked.  The results are in.  These weekly polls will occur until the end of April, providing the team with some understanding of the local audience’s sentiments. From there we will launch a survey to provide more opportunities for feedback.

Sharing the results of the poll is an important aspect of creating transparency between the local media and its audience. 

9 responses were received with the following results:

Knowing and understanding the local audience’s needs is key to becoming a curator of local news, through thoughtfully and strategically connected stories that the community might find valuable, that will resonate with them, and that will have a meaningful impact on them. 

Participate weekly in the polls at with a new question available each Monday.  Your input is vital to helping us learn how to better serve you.

A more in-depth survey is now available to help us gain deeper insights into what you are looking for from local media and how you want to access your connection to local news.  Stay tuned for this.

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