The next phase of the LNG Canada project has begun with the arrival of the inlet facilities module earlier this week.

On Friday, the company called the arrival of the 35-metre high module the start of another phase in construction at the liquified natural gas facility.

The module will receive natural gas directly from the CGL pipeline and distribute it to treatment facilities and processes, including liquification and storage, before being loaded for transport.

The module is one of over a dozen built for the facility and the first to arrive in Kitimat, according to the company.

In a release, LNG Canada CEO Peter Zebedee says the project is almost 60 per cent complete.

“This is a very important year for us, with a pace of construction not seen previously. Thanks to thousands of highly skilled Canadians working at our site in Kitimat, we’re making excellent progress as we advance through construction and prepare for 40 years of safe operations. We remain committed to delivering our first cargo by the middle of this decade,” said Zebedee.

Senior construction engineer Gerard Bowers says over the coming days, the module will be moved from the Port of Kitimat to the main LNG processing site.

“This will require the help of large self-propelled modular transporters, which will slowly move the module along the project site’s purpose-built haul road that is three kilometres long and 30 metres wide,” said Bowers.

The module will then be placed on a foundation specifically designed to accommodate its dimensions, joining several other large pieces of LNG infrastructure installed in recent months.