Northern Health says some of its testings centres have Rapid COVID-19 tests available as take-home kits for people with symptoms, in addition to PCR testing.

The type of test a person receives will be based on their symptoms and risk factors, according to the health authority.

Anyone seeking testing can fill out a NH COVID-19 Test Booking Form, call the Northern Health Virtual Primary & Community Care Clinic, or contact their health care provider. They will then be directed to a testing centre for either PCR testing, or to pick up a rapid test for home use.

Rapid antigen tests will come with instructions for self-reporting a positive result, self-isolation, managing symptoms, and notifying their contacts. Additional testing to confirm test results are not required.

The health authority says testing is not recommended for those without symptoms or for fully vaccinated individuals with mild symptoms.

The news comes after Health Minister Adrian Dix said last week that the province plans on distributing over a million rapid tests over the next week.

The province has received 4.8 million rapid tests since the onset of the pandemic.