The Dawson Creek and Charlie Lake fire departments will have more areas to service starting in 2022.

The Inspector of Municipalities has approved the expansion of fire protection for both departments, following consultation with the public.

Those who attended the Rural Fire Protection Expansion consultation for Charlie Lake in June were heavily in favour of the expansion.

The turnout was at 34 per cent, with 61 out of the 182 eligible properties. Overall, support for the expansion was 70 per cent in favour, and 18 per cent opposed.

The Charlie Lake Fire Department will now provide protection services to Sawyer Subdivision, Red Creek South, a portion of Bear Flats, and South Montney, expanding Area C and Area B.

Consultation in Dawson Creek had a good turnout at 64 per cent, with 143 out of the 225 eligible properties filling out a survey. Support for the expansion was 85 per cent in favour, 10 per cent opposed, and 5 per cent undecided.

The Dawson Creek Fire Department will now service South Dawson, Briar Ridge, and Riley’s Crossing, expanding Area D.

Property owners within the new expansion area will see a tax increase due to the expansions that will begin on January 1st, 2022.

Residents in the expansion areas can call 911 for fire emergencies and the Dawson Creek Fire Hall at 250-782-9898 for non-emergencies.