TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – A number of area restrictions have been rescinded in the Peace region due to the recent rainfall and reduce fire activity in the region, according to the BC Wildfire Service.

Restrictions for the fires near Tentfire Creek, Ridgeview Creek and Bear hole Lake are no longer in effect as of noon on August 31st.

In a release Tuesday, the BC Wildfire Service reminds residents to be cautious while travelling in the area. Under the wildfire act, officials still have the ability to order anyone to leave the area despite the area restriction being rescinded.

“Before entering any area affected by a wildfire, members of the public should be aware that significant safety hazards may be present. Trees that have been damaged by fire might be unstable and could fall. Ash pits can be hard to detect and can remain hot long after the flames have died down,” says the BC Wildfire Service in a statement.

To keep track of the current information regarding wildfires in the Prince George Fire Centre, head to the BCWS’s website.

There are 48 active wildfires in the PGFC as of August 31st.