FORT ST. JOHN, B.C – Fort St John Regional Airport is now home to a unique concept aerial surveillance company that provides tailored services designed to help clients succeed and expand. 

With over 30 years of experience of supporting the oil and gas industry and covering most of Western Canada and parts of the United States, Airborne Energy Solutions is now proud to be investing locally and committing to improving the dynamic North Peace market with a new base of operations in Fort St John, BC. 

Unlike other companies in the area, AES operates a fleet of both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, thus allowing for a far more customized service that reflects the needs of each client. With services ranging from visual surveys, infrared leak detection technology, gas leak detection, geo-referenced imaging and gas mapping methane detection. The ability to customize a service and provide all the products is what sets Airborne Energy Solutions apart. Airborne Energy Solutions has also partnered with Fort St John’s local ProDelta Projects Inc (ProDelta). ProDelta reduces costs associated with regulatory compliance, remediation/reclamation, and new construction projects by utilizing remote sensing with data analytics. The partnership between AES and ProDelta is a winning combination for clients. 

General Manager Bertrand Perron emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs of the industry and each specific client to consistently deliver a high- quality product that enables the clients to succeed and advance in their fields. To achieve this, AES has a team of highly trained staff members, pilots, technicians, and observers dedicated to working as a team to achieve the best results.

Mr. Perron says: “The A on in Airborne really stands for ‘Attitude’ and ‘Aptitude’, and those are the pillars that drive the success of all the projects we undertake.” 

Over the years, Airborne Energy Solutions has developed and perfected the aerial surveillance niche, with many successful projects, ranging from large scale multi-aircraft operations to smaller, local projects. All staff undergo extensive in-house training and learn about the industry before heading out to conduct surveys. This ensures a quality product delivered by a knowledgeable crew and promotes efficiency without compromising quality. AES has revolutionized pipeline surveillance and oil and gas specific aerial support with many services and technologies.

At the helm of the Fort St John base is Pilot and Base Manager Natalia Gadomska. She has spent the last several years flying for and supporting the oil and gas industry from the Fort St John Airport. Natalia knows the local market and its needs well.

Gadomska says: “It’s crucial to invest locally and approach a new endeavour from a place of credibility and experience. We have spent many years flying in this area and developing an understanding of the market here. It was only a natural progression to show full commitment and investment by opening a permanent base in Fort St. John. It allows us to be on location, which makes us more receptive and available to our clients.”

Ms. Gadomska is also expanding the range of services by introducing other types of surveillance work, including site inspections, reclamation work, wildlife, and Forestry support. 

In this competitive and dynamic market, it is imperative to offer something unique to stand out from the crowd. AES pioneered many of the technologies currently used within the industry. The benefit of having access to both rotary and fixed-wing platforms is one of a kind in Fort St. John. It allows for versatility and provides a wider range of services while maintaining streamlined quality services without outsourcing. 

Providing innovative solutions without leaving a footprint and delivering the right product safely and efficiently are the hallmarks of Airborne’s business model. Visit our website at, or visit us at our facility at the North Peace Regional Airport at Hangar 6183, 242 Road, Fort St John, BC.