DAWSON CREEK, B.C – Kevin J. Johnston plans to sue Dawson Creek No Frills after a dispute on March 25th.

Johnston was in Dawson Creek last week for a Freedom Rally that took place on Saturday. Before the rally, Johnston went ‘live’ on social media while trying to buy a bar of soap without a mask at No Frills. After a confrontation with a store employee, he was arrested and charged with assault.

Johnston was released from custody after his bail hearing on Friday. He appeared on his Facebook Live show the same day detailing his side of the story. During the show, he mentions being in touch with his lawyer to file a “big lawsuit” against the store.

“I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to own that store at some point in the very near future,” says Johnston during his March 26th show.

Johnston mentions choosing No Frills as it was next to a Dollarma.

“If one kicks us out, then we will go buy soap at the other one. Someone is going to take my money.”

After grabbing the soap, Johnston claims a female employee tried to grab him while asking him to leave.

“She made contact with my hand. So little girl, I don’t care how old you are; you’re getting charged with assault.”

Johnston says he threw down his $5 bill to pay for the soap and the female employee tried to “take his property”.

“That’s assault times two. I’m going to look into the actual criminal code for trying to steal someone’s property out of their hand. Little girl, you thought it was funny today. I saw you waving arrogantly at the camera. You’re not going to find it funny in about, say three to five weeks.”

The store manager was attempting to escort Johnston out. He claims the manager tried to take the soap, “hitting”  the top of Johnston’s hand while doing so. The manager went outside to get the license plate numbers of Johnston and his crew.

“If someone’s going to go towards a car, which is not my property, it’s a borrowed vehicle. It’s not mine. I have to return it exactly the way that it is.  I don’t want [the manager] coming out and doing any damage to that vehicle.”

Johnston then shoved his phone in the managers face, which was swatted away. He then punched the manager in the face, saying he was defending himself.

In a video posted to social media, Johnston was seen yelling, ” I am making a citizen’s arrest” at the No Frills employee.

“Don’t touch people, dude. What I’ll say here to everybody who works in that store, regrettably, because all of you are part of the conspiracy to destroy Canadians rights, you’re all part of that. Each and every one of them is going to be listed in the big lawsuit that’s coming. Don’t think for a second that any of you are getting away with this.”

“I’m never gonna let this one go. ”

Dawson Creek RCMP arrested Johnston soon after arriving at the store parking lot.

While officers were placing him in the police car, Johnston kept claiming the No Frills staff member assaulted him.

“Get in the truck, man, this is not looking good for you,” says an officer to Johnston as supporters yelled “police brutality”.

Johnston stayed overnight at the detachment before a judge granted his release on March 26th.

Johnston continued with his presentation at a Freedom Rally on Saturday.

His topics varied during the around 80 people gathering outside the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. He spoke about COVID-19, LGBTQ, Canadian nationalism, the assault charge he is now facing and his mayoral campaign in Calgary. RCMP was present at the rally.

Johnston is set to appear back in Dawson Creek Provincial Court on April 27th.