FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The B.C. Oil and Gas Commission recently completed an aerial survey of 98 decommissioned gas wells in the foothills between Hudson’s Hope and the Alberta border.

During the aerial survey, the OGC says three well sites had shown initial indications of methane, though subsequent site inspections found no evidence the wells were leaking.

As part of the Commission’s mandate, it has conducted aerial surveys for the past four years using a laser-based methane detector mounted on the underside of a helicopter.

The OGC says multiple passes over the decommissioned well sites were made over two days in September. The wells were randomly selected and included wells with a variety of abandonment plug types and wells with previous history of surface casing vent flows.

An additional round of inspections will be conducted in 2021 to confirm those findings.

Further information on the aerial survey can be found on the OGC’s website.