Energeticcity.ca/Moose FM asked the candidates running in Peace River South the same eight questions.  A copy of each question and response has been posted at www.energeticcity.ca/election.  Each day from now until the election, we will post one question a day and the response sent by each candidate.

Today’s question is what would you do to deal with the Province’s overdose crisis?

The following candidates are running in Peace River South, incumbent and B.C. Liberal candidate Mike Bernier, B.C. Conservative Party candidate Kathleen Connolly, B.C. NDP candidate Cory Grizz Longley and Dorothy Sharon Smith.

Election Day is Saturday, October 24.  Get out and vote.  To find where to vote, visit www.elections.bc.ca

Question: What would you do to deal with the Province’s overdose crisis?

Mike Bernier

The leader of our party, Andrew Wilkinson as a rural doctor has continued to say we need to do better on making sure their are supports to deal with the cause. This is not just a Vancouver issue. This affects every Region in the entire Province including ours and we will be putting a bigger focus on mental health and addictions as a huge part of our health platform. If only we had put as much focus on this crises as we have for Covid we would maybe be in a better place in helping people.

Kathleen Connolly

Cory Grizz Longley

Dorothy Sharon Smith