VICTORIA, B.C. – Measures that were executed by the Province in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that temporarily allowed restaurants and pubs to purchase beer,wine and spirits at a wholesale cost instead of the liquor store retail prices have come into effect starting Monday, July 20th.

Hospitality customers who have registered with the Province’s Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) are now able to use a searchable hospitality price list that will help them with their buying decisions.

This temporary authorization will remain in effect until the end of March 2021. At that time, a review of the program will help the government to determine the financial costs and benefits of this change.

Previously, restaurants, pubs, and tourism operators with liquor licenses would pay full retail price, which was wholesale price plus a retail mark-up set by LDB, on most liquor purchases.

This new model allows the licensees to pay the wholesale price for products they purchase, which is the same cost that is paid by government-run and private liquor stores in the province.