EDMONTON, A.B. – The Province of Alberta provided an update, on Friday, regarding the latest information on the coronavirus in Alberta.

According to the Alberta Health Officer, Dr. Deena hinshaw, the total number of confirmed cases is up 190 which now brings the count to 5,573.

The number of people currently in hospital due to the virus is 86, while 22 of those are in ICU.

Alberta’s death toll due to the virus now sits at 92, which is three more than reported on Thursday.

The Province reports that 2,359 patients have since fully recovered from the virus.

A total of 136,511 people have been tested for the virus.

Out of those confirmed with COVID-19, males make up 52 percent and 67 percent of overall cases are in Calgary.

Further information on COVID-19 can be found on the Alberta Health Services website.