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MONCTON, N.B. — Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe

Ginette Petitpas Taylor won the riding for the Liberals in 2015 with almost 58 per cent of the votes. She has held the high-profile position of health minister in the Trudeau cabinet. This riding is seen as a fairly safe Liberal riding, having only voted Conservative twice since 1979. If this year’s expected Conservative rebound in New Brunswick stretches as far as Moncton, it will be a bad sign for the Liberals.

Population: 92,666 (2016 census)

Major communities: Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview

Incumbent: Liberal Ginette Petitpas Taylor who won for the first time in 2015 and served as health minister in the Trudeau government.

Main challengers: Lawyer Sylvie Godin-Charest for the Conservatives, immigration adviser Claire Kelly for the Greens and community organizer Luke MacLaren for the NDP.

Election history: The riding has remained Liberal for most of the last 40 years, with the only exceptions being two terms won by the Conservatives in 1984 and 2011.

Fun Fact: Moncton’s central location has earned it the nickname the Hub City. It is located along the Petitcodiac River which experiences a tidal bore or wave that travels up the river twice daily.


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