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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Salvation Army just received a generous donation of $10,000 and with the help of Stan’s Custom Meat Cutting, the Salvation Army can also accept game meat donations.

Darryl Peters Trucking made a donation to the Salvation Army of $10,000, Cameron Eggie, Executive Director of the Salvation Army shares, Darryl and his wife Colleen have donated before and each time they have donated the Salvation Army is blown away by their generosity.

Eggie expresses his gratitude for the financial donation that was received because of the support these funds will provide to the Salvation Army’s community programs.

“This donation supports our sheltering efforts, helping to provide much-needed support for those accessing our Transitional Housing and Emergency Shelter. It also helps to support our Community & Family Services program. Many folks depend on this program for transportation help, medical prescriptions, and access to the Food Bank.” – Cameron Eggie

Eggie also shares that the Food Bank is licensed to store and distribute wild game to the public. Financial donations are used to cover the cut and wrap of game meat prepared by Stan’s Custom Meat Cutting.

If you have game meat you want to share or an animal you would like to donate, reach out to the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army located at; 10116 100th Ave
Call; (250) 785-0506

To view FB Page; CLICK HERE



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