FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – City Council was presented with new concepts by staff, to improve the intersection of Alaska Road and 108th St.

The intersection has been the subject of several posts on social media due to it being immediately adjacent to the 108th street intersection with the Alaska Highway. ICBC has also conducted a study on the intersection that is managed by the provincial Ministry of Transportation.

The City feels that something needs to be done, “We have looked at it and have found a lot of conflict points,” said General Manager of Integrated Services, Victor Shopland. “There are a lot of potential conflicts. There are a lot of places to look out for when crossing the street or coming off the highway.” Although the intersection was designed and is maintained by the Ministry of Transportation, Council and City staff want to take the lead and work to improve safety in the area.

Council was presented with three options to improve the area.

  • Option One – A centre median to help eliminate left turns in and out of Alaska Road going west and eastbound.
  • Option Two – Triangular islands on the east and west side of the intersection to eliminate unnecessary left-hand turns.
  • Option Three – The hybrid option is a combination of one and two with a median on the south leg of the intersection and two triangular islands.

Below is a copy of the entire Council discussion.

All options eliminate traffic cutting across the intersection or turning left to head north or south down 108th St.

The intersection was ranked eleventh for highest collision rates over the last five years with 13 most of which were fender-benders.

“Whenever somebody in town talks to me about intersections this is the intersection that comes up and they will totally avoid,” said Councillor Bruce Christensen. “Maybe the reason why we are having fewer accidents is that people are going to other intersections.”

Council has authorized staff to enter into discussions with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and affected business regarding the installation of no-post barriers on 108 Street at Alaska Road North.