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100 MILE HOUSE B.C. – With homeowners and businesses already suffering from the devastating effects of the wildfires raging throughout the Central Interior, BC RCMP are reminding everyone that there is no tolerance for criminal activity in evacuated areas after a string of arrests due to the law being broken in 100 Mile House and Williams Lake.

Cpl. Madonna Saunderson with the North District RCMP says on July 10, 2017, RCMP Tactical Team Members provided assistance to 100 Mile House RCMP. They located two youths in the area after the evacuation order had been issued. Police discovered the two youths to be in possession of break and enter tools. Both were arrested and released on strict conditions for a future court date.

Also on July 10, 2017 100 Mile House RCMP located a man in the area after the evacuation order was issued. During the course of the investigation, the man was arrested for break and enter. The man was remanded in custody for a Provincial Court Appearance in Kamloops on Tuesday July 11, 2017.

The BC RCMP are reminding everyone that no exceptions will be made when it comes to criminal activity in evacuated areas/Photo: BC RCMP

On that same day, 100 Mile House RCMP located two individuals who were well known to 100 Mile RCMP. As a result of this, police seized weapons, bear spray and heroine. During the investigation, police also recovered an all-terrain vehicle (side x side) that is believed to be stolen. The investigation is ongoing.

The BC RCMP released a statement through Brenda Butterworh-Carr, Commanding Officer of RCMP in British Columbia earlier on Tuesday. She echoed the message of criminal activities not being acceptable in evacuated areas.

“Based on the fluidity of the situation and constantly fluctuating needs, we have mobilized additional RCMP officers from all over the province to help BC Fire Services with evacuation orders in those affected communities. The numbers are changing regularly, but it would be safe to say that as of this morning upwards of 300 additional members have been or will be deployed.

Some of the duties our officers are tasked with other than regular policing include 24 hour patrolling of evacuated neighbourhoods, managing traffic congestion, road safety and general emergency response, along with assisting with evacuations alerts and orders as they occur.

There is no tolerance for criminal activities within evacuated areas and we have in fact arrested 10 individuals within 100 Mile House and Williams Lake for break and enter, breach and mischief. Most of whom are local individuals previous known to police.”

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