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Forty-seven years after Pierre Trudeau rolled to power with a Liberal majority, Trudeaumania has swept the nation again.

His son Justin has won the confidence of Canadians, who voted his Grits to a modern-day majority, leaving Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats in his rear-view mirror.

The close, three-way race pundits were certain of just a few weeks ago never materialized, as the Liberals swept through Atlantic Canada and continued the seige west across the country.

The Liberals won or are leading in 189 ridings, well above the 170 needed to form a majority.

The Tories are second with 104 ridings while the NDP was third, with a shocking low of 34 seats.

The Bloc Quebecois control 10 seats and Green party Leader Elizabeth May was re-elected in her B-C riding.

Stephen Harper to step down

After a stinging rejection from Canadians, The Canadian Press has learned that Stephen Harper is poised to step down as Conservative party leader.

He is expected to stay on as an MP in his Calgary riding.

Party president John Walsh is expected to say that Harper has asked him to reach out to the new parliamentary caucus and ask that they pick an interim leader.

A policy convention had been scheduled for this May in Vancouver, and that will need to be postponed.

Harper has been the only leader of the organization formed in 2003 between the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties.

NDP Party drops

Four years ago under Jack Layton, the New Democrats went from 36 seats to a whopping 103, becoming the official opposition party behind the ruling Conservatives.

Now it’s as if that surge never happened.

The NDP is back to third party status with just 35 seats, a major disappointment for leader Tom Mulcair, who could not maintain Layton’s tremendous support in Quebec.

The 2011 Orange Wave captured 59 seats in Quebec and tonight, they are in control in just 10 in the province, same as the Bloc Quebecois.

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