Last week, Willie Lepine was in a car accident that left him in such critical condition that he had to be flown to Vancouver General Hospital – he sustained broken ribs, back, neck, and punctured lungs, among other injuries.

On Monday, his niece Riley Lepine started a GoFundMe campaign for Willie asking for $3,000 to cover the costs associated with his stay in hospital – including a leave of absence from work, the costs of accommodation for his son and his son’s mother who are in Vancouver with him, and other costs.

Today, that GoFundMe campaign reached $7,500 raised in donations – more than 2 and a half times it’s original goal – not only that, but within just two days of being started.

“He’s got a lot of good friends, and we have a very large family that’s trying to support us here,” said Willie’s sister, Gloria Lepine. “It’s very expensive in Vancouver and it’s been a little bit of a challenge, so we’re really happy and pleased that we’ve been able to get some financial support from our family and friends.”

Gloria describes her brother as a fun-loving man, saying he cares deeply about his family and friends.

“All out of our young kids are kind of distraught right now because it’s Uncle Willie who plays with them, loves them, and just let’s them be loud and crazy.”

She says the family is incredibly grateful from the 38 people who have donated so far, and that they are leaning on each other for support.

“We’re going to stay until we know he’s out of danger … We’re hoping and praying, and just saying, ‘You know what? Uncle Willie is going to be alright.'”

The accident Willie was involved in happened last Thursday night – the other driver was treated at the scene with non-life-threatening injuries.