Eighteen soccer players take in goalie camp

Up and coming soccer goalies were at the Kids Arena Fieldhouse over the weekend to take part in a clinic to sharpen their skills. Those at the camp worked on a number of drills aimed at improving their hands, footwork, and coordination in the goal.

The sessions were put on by instructor Gaetano Mauro of the Prince George Soccer Club. He said the camp had a mix of experienced and novice goalkeepers, and with that those trying to learn the ropes were having a difficult time initially.

“For some people it’s a really tough camp because we’re not going to slow it down for the sake of lowering out target for the sake of the people that just joined in. We need to progress and escalate the drills.”

Despite the struggles some had, Mauro did say the players were trending upwards as the camp progressed. He also noted the importance of sticking with training after the camp concluded.

“We have 18 people signed up. They’re progressing quite well. I’ve seen big changes since yesterday [Friday] already. The only thing that we need to do, is when I’m gone, who’s going to pursue and do the things that we’ve done this weekend? I try to teach the kids learn how to train so they can remember some of the stuff we touched based with.”


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