Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal businesses met for the last day of the Aboriginal Business Match 2015 for Northeastern BC.

This meeting gathers businesses to one conference, effectively eliminating geographic barriers and condensing time requirements.

The Doig River First Nation co-hosted this meeting, and Councillor Gerry Attachie says the event is a good start to helping companies and First Nations meet more efficiently – especially when it’s taken into consideration that First Nations groups typically have to fly to Vancouver or Calgary to meet with big companies.

Attachie said that Site C and other projects was discussed this morning, too. “We don’t want the dam. But if they’re going to build it … we have to see how we’re going to work together.”

The Doig River First Nation met with quite a few groups, such as Morgan Construction & Environmental Ltd., and said the council would discuss the outcomes of their meetings next week.

Brayden Veilleux with LandSea Camp Services says they were attracted to signing up for the meetings because of their efficiency.

“If you scheduled each and every one of these meetings independently, I don’t know if a medium sized business could afford that,” he said. “It’s not a rigid or formal environment. It’s nice, it’s pretty laid back. But structured enough to get to the point and be very worth your time.”

31 appointments were scheduled, with the last meeting taking place at 4 PM today.