Last night was the start of a two game exhibition series between the Fort St. John Huskies and the Vermilion Tigers. The Huskies won the game 4-2 but despite the victory the coaching staff weren’t overly impressed with what they saw on the ice.

As was the case many times last season for the squad, head coach Gary Alexander said the team started slow and didn’t get rolling until well into the second period.

“I didn’t think we were ready tonight. We started slow. We never really got into the game until midway through the second then I thought we played a lot better. Our thought process wasn’t what it was against Sexsmith. We were lacking a little bit of jump for some reason.”

The game was noticeably physical especially for an exhibition game. When asked about the tough nature of the game Alexander said that’s what happens when spots are up for grabs on a team and players are trying to leave a positive impression.

“It was pretty physical last Sunday too. You’ve got a lot of boys out there that are vying for a job. If they don’t take the body checking for real they may be going home. Somebody has to impress somebody with something and body checking is a big part of the game.”

Scoring last night for the Huskies were Matt Apsassin, Jordan Harder, Austin Wilson, and Narcisse Baptiste.

The second game of the double dip gets underway today at the Pomeroy Sport Centre at 11 a.m.