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To the unsuspecting, it looks like just a silver trinket, but for Sam Grenon, it was the one thing he had connecting him to his stillborn son.

Grenon is pleading for the public’s help in finding and returning a small, silver Celtic love coin after a thief stole his wallet from his truck earlier this week.

The coin was one of three that were given to Grenon and his girlfriend in April after their son, Kaiden, was stillborn. Grenon and his girlfriend took a coin each, and buried the third along with Kaiden.

“It’s a way of connecting all of us,” said Grenon, 22.

“It’s the only thing that’s sentimental to me. It helps me feel closer to him.”

Grenon said the coin, tucked in the clear visor of his wallet, was stolen July 6 when a thief broke into his unlocked truck while he was sleeping at his home on 94 Avenue.

Because the thief didn’t have to physically break in, Grenon did what he usual does every morning — got dressed for work, packed a lunch, and headed to Tim Hortons for a coffee.

When he pulled up to order and pay, Grenon noticed his wallet was gone.

At first, Grenon thought he had left his wallet at camp, but as he was driving to investigate, noticed a laptop from the back of his truck had also been stolen.

He’s cancelled his credit cards, and would like to get his laptop back as well, but Grenon cares most about the coin.

Grenon and RCMP are asking anyone who comes across the coin to turn it in to the Fort St. John Visitor Centre — no questions asked — where it will then be returned to Grenon

“I’m not interested in having anyone arrested or charged. I just want to have the coin that reminds me of my son,” he said.

The coin is silver with the word ‘love’ on one side, and on the other a heart with a Celtic knot.

Anyone with information can also call police at 250-787-8100.

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