OTTAWA — One of Canada’s better known D-Day veterans has passed away.

Ernest Cote was 101.

As a lieutenant-colonel, he was the logistics officer with the 3rd Canadian Division, which landed on Juno Beach on June 6, 1944 and was mentioned in dispatches for his role in the historic invasion that led to the downfall of Nazi Germany.

Cote, who was fixture at Remembrance Day ceremonies and at the Canadian war museum, was most recently in the news as the victim of a violent home invasion in Ottawa, where he was tied up by a suspect who was later linked to a trio of unsolved murders.

Following the war, he went on to have a distinguished career at the External Affairs department.

Cote, born in Edmonton, Alta., on June 12, 1913, trained as a lawyer before the Second World War intervened and he joined the army as a lieutenant and member of the Royal 22e Regiment.