Treaty 8 First Nations challenge Site C decision in court

The group believes the proposed project will have significant adverse effects on the environment and on the traditional land use of the Treaty 8 First Nations, the federal government nevertheless wants the project to proceed.

They believe the government’s decision disregarded relevant findings of the Panel and did not adequately consider the infringement of the First Nations’ Treaty rights that will result if the project proceeds.

The First Nations will also be filing a judicial review in British Columbia Supreme Court of the provincial decision to issue an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the Project.

Doig River First Nation Chief Norman Davis says they cannot support the destruction of the Peace River Valley.  Chief Lynette Tsakoza of Prophet River First Nation points to the consequences of the project to the region’s First Nations, the “Peace River region is undergoing enormous stress from resource development. The cumulative effects of the developments in our territory are making it difficult for us to meaningfully exercise our Treaty rights. Site C will make it difficult, if not impossible, for our members to meaningfully carry out their fishing activities.”

In October both the Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessment Agencies approved the project.  The final decision on the project is now in the hand of the Provincial Government who will make a decision by Christmas.

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