“Patients will not always see their personal family doctor when they go in for their regular prenatal appointments, or when they’re ready to deliver their baby,” explains Dr. Richard Moody, chair of the North Peace Division of Family Practice. “But no matter which doctor looks after a patient at the prenatal clinic, expectant mothers can be assured that they and their baby will receive high quality maternity care throughout their pregnancy.” 

The clinic is scheduled to open on January 6, 2014, with local physicians working in rotation for prenatal care and deliveries. Mothers-to-be will also have access to public health nurses, mental health and addictions clinicians, dietitians, a breastfeeding consultant, specialist care from an obstetrician, and social workers. 

Women without family doctors will also be able to receive care, especially notable in a time when most general physicians are not accepting new patients in Fort St. John. As Angela De Smit, North Peace Health Service Administrator for Northern Health, notes, between 620 and 650 babies are born in Fort St. John annually, which is vastly higher than the average for communities its size.

Anyone looking to make an appointment or discuss their pregnancy can contact the Fort St. John Prenatal clinic at 250-261-7508.