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Of the 75,000 permanent jobs, 61,700 would be involved in LNG operations, including the drilling, production, processing, and transportation of natural gas, and 2,400 would be for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the plants and pipelines. The additional 11,100 jobs would stretch into industries that would benefit from LNG workers spending back into the economy. 

The Committee was formed in early 2012 to understand the scope of the workforce needed for the potential industry, and Premier Christy Clark says this report is the “first step” in preparation. 

The report also states that northern B.C.’s labour force won’t be able to meet the labour demand, and identifies a number of steps needed to increase local skilled workers and attract others from elsewhere. They include addressing employment barriers, and developing information, standards and tools as a foundation for further action, as well as getting workers into current in-demand natural gas operations jobs. 

So far the National Energy Board has issued three LNG export licences for northwest B.C.

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