As a result of recent changes, funding for student transportation is being reduced by approximately $541,000 over a three year period.

Pimm has talked with Secretary-Treasurer Doug Boyd about the situation the school district is in and says that he is optimistic discussions with the minister will lead to a solution that benefits the school district.

“I’ve been speaking with Doug over at the administration office and certainly we’re going to be working on this. It’s a high priority for me,” Pimm says. “I’ve spoken to the [former] minister already and we’re going to continue to pursue the avenue and see what we can do. I firmly believe that we shouldn’t have to pay for school bussing and hopefully we can get to that end.” (Pimm High Priority)

Pimm says as the positions are shifting after the provincial election, and as such, things are in a holding pattern until then.

“We’re in a bit of a transition right now with the election. We don’t actually have ministers, and I’m not even the MLA at this point in time; we’ll be sworn in the first part of June,” Pimm explains. “I’m limited as to what I can do but I’ve certainly already started the conversation with the former minister. I’m going to be seeing him today and tomorrow so we’ll see if there’s been any progress and were going to follow the process through and see what kind of outcome we can get to.” (Pimm Minister)

Pimm adds that the review process on the changes for funding wasn’t done very well and he intends to find out why the changes were made in the first place.

“Obviously there was some changes made last year to the formula, and I’m going to have to get to the bottom of it,” he maintains. “I certainly haven’t seen any outcome of that review process for sure. It was something that I was working on before we adjourned for the election, so certainly the process has been started, and now it’s a matter of me trying to follow up and get to the bottom of it.” (Pimm Review Process)